No wifi…

Quick update:

I’m in Austria (hurra)! The family is super nice. Learning German is tough.

It’s nearly like a Haiku!

Anyways I have no Wifi so I’ll try to find a cafe where i get post pictures.

(also I can do this ß!)

Hallo Deutschland!

So I’m in Frankfurt. Yeah. That’s what’s going on right now :)
*deep breath*
I had a great flight (aka not that much turbulence) so I’m feeling good. I’m sure that won’t last long with the jetlag catching up to me ( I only got 2 hours of sleep hehe)
I was sitting next to an elderly German woman and although at first I was shy, I started speaking with her! I got to practice my mad German skills (snort). To be honest, it went better then I thought cuz she kinda understood me and me her. Anyway people its a start!
Not speaking English will be really though but I am determined to get through it.
Noe I’m gonna go on the hunt for food and stalk German speakers.